MS80SD & MS102SD

Servo Drive Cylinder Screen Printing Press


  • The MS-SD Series has two independent servo motors driving the movement of the screen frame and cylinder rotation separately, making it possible to print with even squeegee pressure at a constant speed.
  •  Print length elongation can be corrected up to five times from the front to the back of the sheet and various screen frame sizes can be used.
  •  The print start position, squeegee and flood coater speed, can be set independently via the touch screen operation panel, with sheet size pre-setting also an option.
  •  Squeegee pressure is adjusted digitally and can be zero set, ensuring standardised production on repeat jobs.
  •  These features provide fast make-ready times, optimum precision and complete production control.
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  • Servo drive motors

    The servo drive motors applied realize independent drive for printinr, master frame and squeegee/flood coater movement.

    Because of this method, many kinds of functions like change of printing stroke and instant change in printing speed etc, are possible.

    Also variety of print sizes and screen frame sizes are available.

    This is very suitable for industrial purpose printing requiring both printing accuracy as well as even printing film thikness.

  • Print elongation corrector

    The print elongation corrector is a standard equipment which enables the backlash alignement by the screen frame and printing cylinder.

    It is possible to make correction at five points. Therefore it shows good performance in corrected elongated images which were difficult to be corrected before.

  • Automatic printing impression setting system

    The squeegee pressure is controlled by air and motor and is automatically adjusted simply by inputting the squeegee impression data.

    Sharp, vivid dot reproduction and beautiful solid printing is optained.

    This new digital pressure control de-skills the job of the print operator.

    Repeatibility is greatly improved because of numerical contro.

    The running speed of both squeegee and flood-coater can be set independently on the touch panel, which realizes the correspondence for a variety of printing conditions.


MS80SD & MS102SD characteristics sheet

Maximum sheet size (mm)800 X 550
(31 5/8 X 21 3/4″)
1,100 X 750
(43 3/8 X 29 5/8″)
Minimum sheet size (mm)350 X 270
(13 7/8 X 10 5/8″)
420 X 297
(16 5/8 X 11 3/4″)
Maximum print size (mm)720 X 500
(28 3/8 X 19 3/4″)
1,050 X 730
(41 1/2 X 28 7/8″)
Minimum screen frame size (mm)660 X 660660X660
Maximum screen frame (mm)880 X 8801,280 X 1,140
1,300 X 1,170(Option)
Printable thickness (mm) *10.05 ~ 0.80.075 ~ 0.8
Printing speed (IPH)100 ~ 2,000200 ~ 2,000
Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm)2,995 X 2,270 X 1,170
3,817 X 3,132 X 1,200
Machine weight (kg)3.0004.300
Power consumption (kW)1315

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