Direct Servo Drive Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Press


  •  DDS achieves gear-less drive through a direct servo drive system which improves stability and repeatability for larger sheet sizes.
  •  DDS has accurate printing condition control systems and adjustment functions, making it suitable for multiple imposition printing, on larger format sheet sizes.
  •  Based on our cylinder screen manufacturing techniques from the MS Series, the DDS is versatile enough to handle thin substrates easily and safely.
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MS110DDS characteristics sheet

Maximum sheet size (mm)1,140 X 788
Minimum substrate size (mm)420 X 297
Maximum print size (mm)1,090 X 766
Maximum frame size (mm)1,340 X 1,206
Printing speed (sheets/hour)200 ~ 2,000
Printable thickness (mm)0.075 ~ 0.8
*1: Depends on the kind of printing substrates and printing conditions, figures may be changed.

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