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Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation strives to answer all industry needs and challenges with advanced technology. Our latest innovation – The Maestro MF80VII Textile Smart (powered with Optical Sheet Alignment™) will revolutionise how heat transfer decorators tackle garment printing. Sakurai’s approach has always been to listen to the market and to focus on real industry demands. It’s no secret that garment decorators are faced with the challenge of producing consistent quality and cost efficiency across various sized runs, whilst being mindful of tapping into new business opportunities.

We are excited to introduce our latest development –The MF80VII Textile Smart is equipped with special Optical Sheet Alignment sensors (OSA), allowing the printer to overprint digitally printed sheets in perfect registration, ensuring all print runs are consistently high quality.

Maestro MF80VII Textile Smart
A fully automatic flatbed screen printing press.

  •  The printing and feeder unit are both driven independently, allowing the sheet position to be easily and precisely controlled.
  •  Grippers hold the sheets and maintain precise positioning during the printing process.
  •  Blower controls on the feeder and delivery sections, enable smooth, effortlessly feeding and delivery of any substrate.
  •  Numerical indication devices are a standard feature for screen position and off contact adjustment.
  •  Squeegee and flood-coater pressure are set digitally and can be automatically zero- set via the touch screen operation panel.
  •  Sakurai’s MF80VII offers automation and standardised production, providing easy operation for even a novice operator.
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Suitable for



  • LPA Laser Pointing Assistant

    Typically, multicolour printed for mats can be time consuming to set-up; however, the MF80VII Smart Textile press is equipped with a Laser Pointing Assistant (LPA), allowing the operator to set up quickly with perfect accuracy, increasing the e ciency by 50%. The LPA also allows the screen frame position to be easily set.
    The frame is then xed in a unique position on the frame holder, then the alignment mark is set with the laser line.
    The screen frame position can then be immediately set up. Together with the OSA, “Optical Sheet Alignment” preparation time can be halved in compar- ison to a normal printing machine.

  • OSA Optical Sheet Alignment

    A OSA alignment mark is printed by the first colour using sheet edge registration, this target could be printed by other printing technology such as digital or offset if part of a combined process product. The printed mark will then be recognised by the OSA and the sheet is accurately registered by the vacuum table to follow the previous print position.
    Compared to a conventional registration system, high register accuracy is easily achieved and also has the ability to compensate for previous printing process movement and print in alignment with the correct printing position, as well as possible substrate shrinkage caused by the drying process.
    The MF80VII Smart Textile is the ideal solution for Heat Transfer application, where the require- ment is to print by screen a white and adhesive layer in combination with the digital process.

  • Durable Frame and machine structure

    Our MF80VII Smart Textile press is built around a solid cast iron frame with precise machine processing technology, specialised for large sized machinery. This process is based on methods cultivated from decades of manufacturing offset printing machines, meaning reliability and durability to enable stable and precise printing in high speed running processes. Thanks to our Zeiss 3D Measuring Machine, located in our factory in Gifu – Japan, we measure each part of our machine with micro-level accuracy. This enables us to ensure that the finished product achieves a high level of accuracy while ensuring exceptional quality and consistent quality control.

MF80VII SMART TEXTILE characteristics sheet

Machine size (mm)4,034(L)×2,025(W)×1,550(H)
Machine weight (kg)3,000(Press), 900 (feeder)
Max. sheet size (mm)800 (W)×600 (L)
Min. sheet size (mm)420 (W)×270 (L)
Sheet thickness (mm)0.1~1.0 (*1)
Max. print size (mm)800 X 585
Printing speed (IPH)Standard 100~1,000
With OSA 100~650 Interim (*2)
Sheet control subjectsSheet edge & Printed marks
Sheet control method3 axis stage
Sheet control driveServo Motor
Confirmation of sheet controlDigital RGB sensor ( x 3)
Maintaining of sheet positioningVacuum Table
Sheet feedingBelt Feeding
Power8 Kw
Option mountingLPA
Ionized air blow upPossible
*1: Depending on the printing conditions and materials.
*2: Max. Figures are interim. Printing speed should be determined from total line configuration, and it is depending on the printing condition.
*3: Alignment accuracy is depending on the printing condition, register mark condition.

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