Flatbed Screen Printing Press


  • The Maestro MF80VII is a fully automatic flat-bed screen printing press.
  • The printing unit and feeder unit are driven independently making it is easy to add other equipment to the press, such as a substrate cleaning unit to remove surface debris.
  • The combination of feeding belt running speed control and a vacuum sheet alignment table offers perfect sheet position alignment.
  • Antistatic and air blowing systems achieve trouble free substrate feeding and delivery.
  • Numerical indication devices are equipped as standard features for screen positioning adjustment, squeegee & flood coater pressure and the screen clearance off-contact adjustment area.
  • Adjustment of the strokes for squeegee/flood coater, printing speed and counter settings can be easily made via the touch screen operation panel.
  • These features offer improved quality standardisation and easier operation, even for an inexperienced operator.
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MF80VII INDUSTRIAL characteristics sheet

ModelStandardCCD camera sheet alignment system(option)
Maximum substrate size (mm)800 X 600800 X 600
Minimum substrate size (mm)350 X 270420 X 270
Substrate thickness (mm)0.1 ~ 1.0 *10.1 ~ 1.0 *1
Maximum substrate weight (kg)11
Maximum printable size (mm)800 X 585800 X 585
Maximum frame size (mm)1,100 X 1,0001,100 X 1,000
Minimum frame size (mm)760 X 660760 X 660
Maximum printing speed (IPH)1,000 *2650 *2
Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm)4,034 X 2,025 X 1,5504,034 X 2,025 X 1,550
Machine weight (kg)3,0003,000
Power consumption (kW)88
*1: It depends on the substrate’s characteristics and printing conditions.
*2: The denoted speeds are indicative of the mechanically possible performance The speeds are subject to
variation according to the plate and substrate to be used and printing conditions.

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