London 2020 Open days – Your green days are ready

London 2020 Open days

In preparation for September we are excited to announce our second UK Open House event from 22nd-25th September 2020.There will be a specific focus to the key areas of the market, Textile transfers, Industrial applications and Finishing and Packaging. This year will also be the European launch of our brand new Excite DMS-80SD-EXT technology featured at our global event earlier in the year.

This new innovation is a screen printing press equipped with an inkjet unit that enables processing of complex thermal transfer sheets in one pass. A fusion between digital and analogue technology focused on utilising Sakurai’s unique printing experience combined with digital technology.

We will be showcasing the precision and accuracy of our MS80SD with developed camera sheet alignment registration with product quality inspection in combination with our Inspection unit. This technology allows a defined focus on quality control and accurate printing perfect for the Industrial printing sector.

For Finishing and Packaging professionals we have the LQM 105 EVO solution an important product that will be demonstrated with the Sakurai MS102AX at our exclusive event, showcasing the quality of foiling in line with our technology.

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