Sakurai smart factory provides workflow data and feedback to increase productivity

Sakurai Smart factory

The Sakurai Smart Factory uses advanced networking to record production and machine data, creating an interface with factory equipment. The technology includes PLCs, motors and various sensors, to provide analysis and maintenance feedback. It also can work as a preventive maintenance tool to plan future maintenance. The technology is adept at storing operational and production data, including new features such as alarms, database construction and log generation.

This information improves production scheduling accuracy and highlights weaknesses in productivity due to maintenance requirements or operator skill, maximising business efficiency and improving reliability from equipment and workforce.

The Sakurai range of equipment includes solutions from stand-alone machines to fully integrated, tailor-made lines. Each offering the exacting quality and high performance that our industrial customers require. We offer fully automated production lines, designed to deliver accuracy and flexibility of performance across a variety of screen printing applications, together with simple operation and expert training.


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